Adopt A Tree


Adopt a Tree in the Amazon

The trees that form the canopy of the GAI Selva reserve have been protected for over twenty years. Today they are threatened by invaders from the city and neighboring deforested areas. Our reforestation and sustainable development projects will eventually eliminate this threat. Unitl then, we must commit our limited resources to guarding our plants and animals.You or your organization can help us retain our assets for projects by adopting a tree and the ecosystem it supports.

What You Can Do?

We all know something needs to be done to stop the destruction to this world that we all share – the problem is overwhelming and so often no specific solutions are offered. Well, GAI would like to start by taking specific steps.

You could adopt a Grandfather Tree!!!

The older and larger trees on the GAI preserve form part of a canopy that is home to monkeys, parrots, macaws, and a host of plant, animal, and insect life. Unfortunately, many are favored for making dugout canoes; others are cut for fuel and other building purposes.  All are endangered by commercial logging, their wood shipped to countries around the world. We have several dozen  large valuable trees on the preserve. Guarding them has been a challenge. Twice we have saved them from invaders who attempted entry to the reserve regularly. With your donation, we will hire a guard to protect your tree and the ecosystem it supports.