GAI Maya/Iguana Creek

“Where Luxury and Ecology Meet”

Experience a profusion of toucans, howler monkeys, and other treasures of the Iguana Creek ecological preserve as you lounge on the porch of your luxurious home in Belize’s premier Geo-Community.

Live year round or allow us to rent your property while it pays for itself.

Choose from two models:

  1. The sprawling 2-3 storey Toucan model, provides more than 3,200 sq.ft. of luxury living, with the option of both internal and external staircases (which offers exciting rental opportunities for the permanent resident).
  2. The smaller Hummingbird model is the ideal investment property. Use it yourself whenever you choose, and GAI will rent it for you to carefully screened researchers and guests when you are away.
Only six homes will be allowed in the preserve, so contact us now at to reserve your piece of paradise.

Become a member of Belize’s premier Geo-Community

Iguana Creek is an experiment in responsible living nestled in the rolling foothills of the Maya Mountains of western Belize. Ecology and elegance come together in this exclusive geo-community integrated into a 54-acre protected ecological preserve.

What is a Geo-Community?

The concept combines responsible, self-sufficient living with responsibility for the community and eco-system that supports it.

Iguana Creek is a project of the Global Awareness Institute (GAI), a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving endangered tropical forests through sustainable living and local development. Now GAI offers a select group of home-owners and their families the opportunity to combine luxurious, self-sufficient living with direct involvement in the protection and management of the animal and plant preserve, involvement in onsite educational and enrichment programs connected with the GAI Maya Center for Tropical Forest Research and Development, and participation in a variety of other projects and regularly scheduled excursions sponsored by GAI.

Each home at Iguana Creek provides you and your family with a level of security and self-sufficiency that is becoming increasingly hard to find in other parts of the world. Residents can grow up or grow old in the midst of a natural order that they help protect and manage.

Investors enjoy unlimited use of their properties, plus generous rental income.