Center For Natural Medicine



The Center for Natural Medicine provides a definitive source of information about disease fighting plants of the Amazon and access to GAI’s network of reliable and accountable practitioners of natural medicine. We provide participants in our workshops with information and guidance that they are denied by a health care industry oriented toward the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

At the Center for Natural Medicine, we introduce our guests to plants and cures for our most dreaded diseases and disorders. Cancers, diabetes, and an incredible array of other disorders can and are being cured naturally in the Amazon!

Consider this: 70% of cancer-curing plants are in rainforests. At present, some 650 plant species with pharmaceutical effects and economic value have been identified in the Amazon. More than two-thirds of all mass-produced drugs are derived from medicinal plants. Indeed, many of the pharmaceuticals you have come to depend on are extracted from plants of the rainforest. However, medicinal plants can often cure best, and sometimes only, if used in their natural form. Since natural plants, and the methods used to employ them holistically, are unpatentable, knowledge about their use is suppressed by the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Today, many of the diseases from which we suffer are products of our lifestyles and the impact of those lifestyles on the natural environment that supports healthy lives. Natural medicine attacks disease holistically. An effective and permanent natural cure treats both the physiological and spiritual sources of the disease. And it works!

A typical diabetes cure involves a 60-day residence under the constant care and direction of an approved clinic and/or shaman. Cancer cures may take longer. But they work!

The Center for Natural Medicine does not provide clinical services. The Center is a project of the Global Awareness Institute (GAI), a nonprofit, publicly-supported organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All of GAI’s programs, workshops and projects focus on sustainable development, with emphasis on the use of renewable resources, particularly those found locally. The Center’s mission is two-fold:

1) to offer regularly scheduled workshops that provide accurate and up to date information about medicinal plants and cures to GAI members and supporters, and

2) to maintain a network of skilled, accountable practitioners and scientists and a database of patients and cures and to share that data with participants in Center workshops.

GAI has an exclusive relationship with a hospital of natural medicine in Iquitos, Peru and its world-renowned staff of doctors, clinicians, and research scientists. Our workshops provide participants with the most advanced information available about natural cures for cancers, diabetes, and other disorders, complete with individual case studies and interviews with patients. In addition, we host seminars at local research institutes and group and one-on-one sessions with an internationally known shaman/healer. Each workshop is designed for those with little or no scientific training who seek alternative health care solutions for themselves, family, or friends.

For those who feel more comfortable in an English-speaking environment, we offer a new clinic/resort in western Belize, where products and programs developed in the Amazon will be available to those who prefer a more comfortable and elegant setting. For more information about this exciting project, see our Iguana Creek webpage.

GAI makes all arrangements for those who choose to return to or stay at a local facility for treatment.

GAI also works with local shamans to help them market their products commercially, establishing an online industry in their name. A percentage of revenues generated by members of the Center for Natural Medicine network is invested into a regional micro-lending institution, the Selva Bank. GAI provides training in entrepreneurship and business management to Selva Bank investors and borrowers and assists in the management of the bank, though it will do so only until the bank can be wholly run by locals.

Our Experience

GAI has been working to develop medicinal plants as a sustainable industry since 1998. Since 2001, it has focused on conducting workshops and internships for students and faculty of medical schools and colleges of Pharmacy around the United States and Canada. Student-participants reside at GAI’s 92-acre research center and attend seminars at local hospitals and research institutes, where they are introduced to the latest in scientific research and methods surrounding medicinal plants and natural medicine. In addition, they attend meetings and ceremonies with local shamans, whose knowledge of plants and cures both complement and contribute to the work of the scientific community. Establishing a database of accountable and reliable shamans, their patients, and a record of their cures allows students and faculty to apply scientific methodologies to an area of medicine that has traditionally been under-documented and largely dependent on anecdotal evidence. Science, traditional medicine, and accountability have come together to create the Center for Natural Medicine, which, for the first time, brings this important information to the general public. Click here for more information about GAI

Center for Natural Medicine Workshops

Workshops for the general public are offered periodically, when professional workshops are not in progress. Workshops for groups of ten or more GAI supporters can be arranged to suit a group’s schedule. Pre-scheduled workshops will be announced on this page. GAI makes all arrangements: air, lodging, local excursions, seminars and meetings, etc. A variety of packages and prices are available, depending on class of lodging, length of stay, excursion options, and other variables.